Pet sitting service

pet sitting service

Pet Sitting

  • When you aren't home, we will visit your home and maintain your pets' daily routines carefully.
  • Service inculdes feeding, refreshing water bowls, cleaning cages/ litter trays, walking and playing with your pet. It will be 45~60 minutes.
  •  Usually a visit a day but we can offer 2 visits a day if you request.
  • Send you a sitting diary by email.
*Alternating house light and curtain,checking mailbox and watering your plants will be arranged freely, if you request.


Procedure from the fist contact to the end of service

Please contact us by email or phone call. We will answer your question and explain the service.

When you use our service at first time, we will visit you and discuss the details.( Pet's character, feeding, walking route and toys etc).

We will collect money and the key after the meeting.

We will visit your home on time and offer daily routines as we discussed.

We will visit you and return the key when you are available.


※Please note that we may refuse to offer service when your pet has injure, illness, serious disease or is under pregnancy, and when care is considered to be difficult.